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  • Sharla Haynes

    Not only does Angela know the real estate business, she's passionate about It!From day one that is what I liked about her! Her energy and passion for what she does!She was very helpful in every step of the way in getting my condo sold, from prep to showing! She always kept me informed of what was going on. Including calming my nerves! LolAnyone that is looking for an energetic, sincere and knowledgeable agent.... SHE is IT!!Can't wait to start the buying process with this warrior by my side!

  • Robert and Dustin

    I don’t know where to start. I believe in referrals from smart minded individuals. My husband and I were ready to buy our first home. But we were so new to the process it was a bit daunting and so many people were throwing their friends/family our way to become our agent that we didn’t know who we could trust would take care of us.Around the same time, my friend and co-worker had recently purchased his new home with his new husband. They were so happy with everything that it struck me, “I should inquire on who their agent was!” That’s when Angela the Angel came into our lives.It was so lightning fast. I called her up, we spoke a bit and I told her I already had a property I wanted to buy right away. She jumped on it and literally within 24 hours the home was ours. It was unbelievable. But sadly, that home, which was new construction, was not going to be the floor plan as promised and so we backed out. Angela was even able to get us our earnest money back!We found another home that checked all the must haves and then some. It is our dream home and through her savvy skills and experience, we came out on top of a 4 buyer bidding war! Plus we got everything we asked for including closing costs!She is utterly amazing, super hard working and very easy to get along with. I consider her a new friend and I’m so happy she helped make our dream home a realty, (oops I meant a reality!)If you don’t know who to trust, want to be treated fairly and with respect, and are looking for someone who will help you get the home of your dreams look no further. Angela Coria with Savvy RE Investments is the one for you!

  • Stephanie

    Angela is the quintessential realtor. She's what others should follow. She helped me find a perfect home, and, when lives change, she was quick, sweet, heartfelt and present to help me sell and find a new home. And was fully available in the bidding thing that is Seattle. I honestly don't know what I'd have done without her. You can't pick a better person, or realtor. Stop. Looking. Pick. Angela.


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